Print University

How To Choose The Right Binding For Your Publication

Binding is a very important phase in the production of a publication.

It not only serves to unite the pages you have printed, but to give shape to the product, ensure its durability, and facilitate the experience for the reader. (Read more...)

Bleeds: What are they?

One of the most frequent questions that arise when sending a file to print has to do with bleeds.

This word was (and perhaps still is) a real nightmare that could keep haunting if you don’t educate yourself. (Read more...)

What’s The Difference Between A Booklet And A Catalog?

If you’re ready to launch a direct-mail campaign to your targeted mailing list, printing a booklet or printing a catalog can help you shoot your sales to the moon!

Knowing the difference between a booklet and catalog and when it’s best to use them helps you maximize your return on investment. (Read more...)

How To Choose The Correct Paper For A Print Job

The best graphic designers know the secret of beginning each project with paper in mind!

Choosing the right paper for your print job is just as important as choosing the right colors. (Read more...)

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